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  1. What is an HTML Editor?
  2. The Best Free HTML Text Editors
  3. The Best Free WYSIWYG HTML Editors

What is an HTML Editor?

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the code that runs the internet. It’s a markup language, which means it uses tags to define elements, like marking text as bold or displaying images with code.

Why Do You Need an HTML Editor?

WordPress does come with its own HTML interface and it works similarly to standalone code editing applications. If you’re just occasionally changing code on your WordPress website, you don’t need to download a dedicated HTML editor.

What to Look for in an HTML Editor

Every developer has their own style, so choosing a suitable HTML editor is an individual process. You’ll probably need to try out a few before you find one you fall in love with. For now, here are a few features you should check for in every editing interface.

  • Syntax Highlighting/Color Coding: Due to HTML’s tag-based markup language, highlighting is all but required. Syntax highlighting lights up tags so you can identify them at a glance, and it makes working with blocks of code a lot easier.
  • Version Control: If you ever want to roll back a change or see a previous version of your code, look for version control features that store older copies. This is all but necessary when working with other developers.
  • Autosave: Losing work sucks, so look for editors that include autosaving features in case the program crashes.
  • Autocomplete and Suggestions: In an HTML editor, autocomplete will let you quickly fill in longer code by pressing a button when a suggestion pops up. It can also automatically create closing tags.
  • Code Folding: When you’re working on a large document, code folding lets you close up irrelevant parts of the doc and focus on certain areas.
  • Multiple Cursors/Simultaneous Editing: Multi-cursor functionality allows you to write code in multiple places at once. This is really useful when adding duplicates of the same tag.
  • Find and Replace: No code editor is complete without the ability to find certain strings and replace them with something else. With HTML’s constantly updating standards and deprecation of inefficient tags, this becomes especially important.
  • Error Detection: Since HTML is a markup language and not a programming language, it doesn’t compile. This means you won’t have an opportunity to test your code out. Live error checking is vital so you can tell immediately when you write something wrong.
  • FTP Support: An HTML editor with FTP support will be able to connect to WordPress and upload any changes you make. Not having to log into FileZilla or your preferred FTP client, for example, every time you do anything.

The Best Free HTML Text Editors

Text editors are simple and focused programs that provide a clean interface for working with HTML. Many developers prefer them over the live interface of a WYSIWYG editor, or the cluttered UI and unnecessary features of an IDE. Text editors are perfectly optimized for their simple purpose and give you full control over your work.


Visual Studio Code

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CoffeeCup Free Editor

CoffeeCup Free Editor


Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit

Sublime Text

Sublime Text


Most Used HTML Editors for HTML Coding

Popularity is often a good tell for what’s good software and what isn’t. There are certainly some gems that are relatively unknown, but things gain traction for a reason. If a program is used by thousands of people, it’s a safe choice to make as far as quality goes.

  • Visual Studio Code was the highest used program both years, with a staggering 55.6% of surveyed developers using it in 2019. It clearly comes out on top as the most-used web development program.
  • Notepad++ came second both years as well, with around 35% of respondents using it both years. This is likely due to its simplicity and versatility.
  • Sublime Text was used by 30% of respondents in 2018, so it’s clearly a top competitor for HTML editing tools. Every developer loves a sleek editor and a clean experience.
  • Atom’s popularity fell from 18.6% to 12.7% in 2019, but its collaborative features make it a popular choice for those working on a team.




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